Xian Tian "Pre Heaven"

This blog will be used to post mind expanding stuff or practices I find fun and interesting!

I just started individual and group coaching online and in person! 

If you are interested in taking some lessons or classes with me I teach Cheng Bagua and basic Hebei Xingyi 5 elements form and applications.  I love teaching Bagua Single Palm Change! There's a LOT of body and movement principles packed into one "change". 

I sit down with students and ask them what their goals are and tailor practices suited to each individual student to help them develop and excel in accordance with their trajectory on their unique journey. 

Anyways this clip is me revisiting Gao Bagua material.  This stuff is pretty difficult to practice without any "Juice" and I found that after doing some standing qigong and getting some energy running it massively helps any form work. Mind and body run in a smooth and positive way. 

Disclaimer: I do not teach Yizong Gao Bagua or Xingyi but can recommend some fantastic teachers if you are interested.