Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi, Qigong

Tai Chi Chuan for Health and Self Defense based on the teachings of Master Huang Sheng Shyan.

I teach material from Mark Rasmus’s Elastic Force course usually considered closed door information.

 I offer Private Lessons, Skype Lessons and Small Group weekly intensives for dedicated students. This is the way I can offer the most value to students and we can really hone in on any issues as well as have a lot of fun.

I also offer in person lessons in addition to online personalized coaching material (video, pdf, .mp3) that students can work on to build their own practice.  Students will need something to film and record themselves and be able to email it to me for feedback and review.

Private Lessons are $100/2 hours

email me at Robin.Betton@gmail.com to enroll

About Me: I recently finished a 3 month training trip studying with senior Disciple Curtis Brough who is taught by Sifu Adam Mizner. Before then my experience was 4 years of classes, seminars and instruction with Marcus Opalenik of Gao style Yizong Baguazhang. Before that I trained in Bruce Frantzis’s system and Wudang Xingyiquan in Boston.


Tai Chi/Xingyi/Bagua Fundamentals Class

Opening the body/warmups

Standing qigong

Huang Sheng Shyan Loosening exercises

Master Huang Sheng Shyan 37 Form

Push hands + martial applications


I've observed, in what seems like the ever changing organic flow of life, new and unique tasks at hand often show up with a teacher.  A few years ago I was practicing  tai chi in the hallway of The New England Conservatory of music and it was there Robin Betton introduced himself. We talked a bit about Tai Chi, he gave me a book, and a few years later he was my teacher. Robin is helping me relax, soften, and take another step toward an understanding of a truer nature of life, one constantly in flux. I find, with the application and practice of the techniques and concepts he imparts, a new and developing evolution in how I see myself within the bigger picture. Robin, thank you for helping me toward greater depth in Tai chi and in life.


Gary Fieldman

New England Conservatory Preparatory and Continuing Education Faculty member (Jazz Percussion and Ensemble)